Ross Student Housing


Lucy Villa Bedroom
Our Location
Lucy Villa is located in very close proximity of the Ross University School. Walking distance is approximately 3mins

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Lucy Villa Bedroom

Lucy Villa delivers breathtaking oceanfront views, rivaled by no other rental villa on the north coast of the Dominica.

We offer Comfortable housing to Ross University Students at very affordable prices

Enjoy Cool Rest at Lucy Villa with no worry about transportation to and from school since we are just about 3mins walk away from the Ross University Campus

Lucy Villa Bedroom

Room Features

  • Fully furnished
  • Air Condition
  • Free Internet Access
  • Free water
  • Cable TV *
  • 1st Class Elevator *
  • Standby Generator
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Water

Other Amenities include

Note: Services make with (*) are available only at Lucy's Inn.

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